Virus code tutorial – Html virus — vbs

This is the virus writing basics section. Today we are going to show you the code of html.redlof.a. This is a Visual Basic Script virus.

This is a polymorphic, encrypted virus. It infects the .asp, .php, .jsp, .html, and .vbs files on all the drives. The virus copies itself to either %Windir%\System\Kernel.dll or %Windir%\System\Kernel32.dll, based on Visual Basic Script virus. It changes the default association for the .dll files.

Here is the virus code in txt format

As I mentioned the code is in vbs. If you spread this virus you will get into grave trouble. This is just for vbs programmers ( educational purose) to know more about coding. If you think the code is too offensive please contact for the code to be removed @


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