How to run webgoat 5.3 standard on BT4

First download webgoat from this link and visit the OWASP WebGoat pages for more info about WebGoat.

Next you have to install p7zip to extract the archive, you can do this with the apt package manager from console running

apt-get install p7zip

and then extract the archive using

p7zip -d WebGoat-OWASP_Standard-5.3_RC1.7z

You can leave it in your root folder but if you like “clean desktops” move it inside /pentest/web/webgoat, you can do this from terminal with

mkdir /pentest/web/webgoat
mv WebGoat-5.3_RC1/* /pentest/web/webgoat

now make /pentest/web/webgoat/ executable with

chmod +x /pentest/web/webgoat/

and then install openjdk-6-jre and openjdk-6-jdk with apt:

apt-get install openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jdk

Read more @


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